About Sinsemilla Seminars

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Our OSD Certified Veteran & woman owned business is proud to provide compliance training to the cannabis industry with the highest level of integrity & professionalism. Since 2015, Sinsemilla Seminars has been flourishing; holding lectures nationwide and internationally. We are proud to be locally owned and operated in Massachusetts. Our company was founded on Cape Cod with a dedication to providing reputable and reliable education. For almost a decade we have educated thousands on a myriad of industry topics from Responsible Vendor Training, hemp, commercial cultivation, dispensary services, sustainability, best business practices and more.  Pioneering the East Coast educational space those that have been educated by our services can be found all over the world in every aspect of the industry from cultivators, dispensary managers, manufacturing businesses, service providers in the hemp and cannabis space all with endless possibilities. 

Our founder Ellen Brown is an educational leader in the cannabis and hemp industry. Her passion for teaching stems from being an educator during her service in the United States Air Force.  Ms. Brown is the recipient of the inaugural New England Cannabis Business Leader of the Year award and other accolades.  Her unparalleled firsthand industry experience has made her company renowned for its expertise and professionalism. Sinsemilla Seminars is one of the first companies to become accredited in Massachusetts as a Responsible Vendor Trainer.  

Our Responsible Vendor Training is accredited by the Massachusetts Cannabis Control Commission. Our mission is to continue to be a steward of the community and leader in the industry. Those we have had the pleasure of working with go on to pursue many different fruitful endeavors after receiving our training.  We are proud to have been a part of their educational journeys.  The reason why we have long lasting business partnerships and why our students have taken multiple trainings with us as well as recommended our services to their families, friends and business colleagues is because our education is rooted in facts and scientific research. We strive to make our education and convenient which is why we offer both online and in person Responsible Vendor Trainings.  Thank you for taking the time to learn more about Sinsemilla Seminars. We look forward to working with you!