Frequently Asked Questions

Q: What is the Responsible Vendor Training Program?

A: Think of it as Cannabis Industry compliance training. Find out everything you need to know on our Vendor Training Page.


Q: Is Sinsemilla Seminars a certified provider for the Massachusetts Responsible Vendor Program?

A: Yes! Offering courses both in person and online for individuals and team trainings.

Q: Online Trainings?

A: Yes, we are offer online real time Vendor Training via zoom.


Q: What is Basic Core Curriculum?

A: Basic Core Curriculum means the foundational training curriculum required of all Marijuana Establishment Agents taught by a Responsible Vendor Trainer under 935 CMR 500.105(2)(b).


Q: Which licensee types are required to take the Basic Core Curriculum?

A: The Basic Core Curriculum is mandatory for all Massachusetts licensed cultivators, managers and employees that handle cannabis to include Marijuana Establishment Agents, Craft Cooperatives, Marijuana Research Facilities, Marijuana Testing Laboratories, Microbusinesses, Laboratory Agents, Marijuana Product Manufacturers, Medical Marijuana Treatment Center Agents, Marijuana Delivery Operators and more​.


Q: How often is the Basic Core Curriculum Training required?

A: Yearly.


Q: What is a Responsible Vendor?

A: Responsible Vendor means a Marijuana Establishment that the Commission has determined to have completed the initial training requirements and has maintained its training requirement under 935 CMR 500.105(2).


Q: Why is this important to know?

A: Failure to maintain a current Responsible Vendor status is grounds for action by the Commission.


Q: How long does it take to receive Core Curriculum materials?

A: Materials will be sent prior to the trainings.  For convenience and in our commitment to keeping our Eco footprint small all materials will be sent digitally. All materials sent will have the ability to be downloaded and printed. Please note nothing will be mailed.


Q: Is the Basic Core Curriculum training right for me?

A: The Basic Core Curriculum has been utilized by thousands of individuals looking to get into the industry from entrepreneurs, investors, medical professionals, consultants, lawyers, job seekers and so many more. You owe it to yourself to find out if the cannabis industry is right for you. Learn more HERE.


Q:  Does Sinsemilla Seminars provide Advance Core Curriculum

A: We will! The Cannabis Control Commission will start certifying (ACC) in 2022.


Q: What does Sinsemilla Mean?

A: Great question! Our founder has always loved the word SINSEMILLA – (/ˌsinsəˈmēyə/). Sinsemilla usually refers to a high potency female cannabis plant and comes from the Spanish words “sin” (“without”) and “semilla” (“seed”), the literal translation is “without seeds”. 


Q: What doe OSD certified mean?

A: Sinsemilla Seminars is OSD certified as a Veteran and Woman owned and operated business. This means that we have registered and been approved be the Massachusetts Operational Services Division Office.

Q: Does Sinsemilla Seminars have testimonials?

A: Yes, more information HERE.